Below is our detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and T&C’s; So you can know more about us and how we operate so we can keep the quality of service as awesome and as consistent as possible. Please read thoroughly for a better understanding and cooperation process. Please do note we shoot hundreds of samples on shoot day across many brands, time wasting is not an option as things get timed into minutes so that we can give you the best possible prices. Sample product sizing is very important as per the model sizing – Click model fit and sizing. 

  1. Minimum of 5 SKU samples per shoot booked for our pre-booked model shoots
  2. If you would like to book your own model selection (not part of our booked schedule) there will be a small charged levied for the model.
  3. We will send you a booking form to complete so we have a shot list of what we are needing to shoot.
  4. Unless stated, Images will be delivered res JPG -2000 x 3000 or 2000 x 2500 – 300dpi.
  5. Unless stated, product video will be MP4 – 1080 x 1920. 8-12 second length.
  6. StudioDrop will do image selections for best 4 images for each product SKU, if you would like to select more images or do the selections yourself it is an additional charge. (details below)
  7. Models sometimes become unavailable to shoot or your sample delivery arrival late, we will therefore shoot next model and shoot date (we will inform you about options).
  8. Samples must arrive 3 working days before shoot date for us to prepare, iron, steam and hang.
  9. Delivery courier, duty and return courier costs are for customer account and will be invoiced for payment before images are delivered and samples returned. You can use your own courier service if you would like to and we will send you import clearance instructions
  10. Video and images will be completed 3-4 working days after shoot date.

Fill out Booking Form; we will send you a booking form spreadsheet,

  • Please make sure you have the right package and quantity of your products. If on shoot day your product is less than what you book, we will still count according to your booking form. If on shoot day your product is more than what you booked on the booking form, we will account for the actual number of the product shot on shoot day.
  • Please note down styling and pairing instructions for your brand, if not, we will proceed to let the model to do their own poses and our in-house stylist will pair and accessorise how they see it best.
  • If you are not sure about something on the booking form please chat to us so we can help you complete it


  • Please tag your name and outside of the package, so there are no mix-up.
  • We must receive your product, latest; 3 days before photo shoot so we can prepare it and steam it
  • We use very generic sized models! But please make sure your product samples are within or fit the model’s measurements provided. If not, and we can not process the photo shoot on the day of your booking we will charge a 50% cancellation fee of the booking.

Product care;

  • We will not be responsible for any packaging or product damaged during courier delivery.
  • All product will be steamed and prepped before photo shoot.
  • We will take good care of your product and keep it as tidy as we can. But please note, product is handled by models and make up is easy to transfer to clothing while model is changing.
  • We repack product in the same or better condition same as it delivered
  • Any product damaged during photo shoot will be considered as a risk of service. But dont worry this is incredibly rare!

Make up and hair;

  • 1 brand will be allowed 1 make up and hairdo style. We do this via an image reference please supply on the booking form.

Photo selection;

  • We will select your photos for you. Unless otherwise agreed.
  • If you do want to do select yourself; we will send you a smaller size of the photos, and you will be charge an $15 admin fee
  • Time guide for selecting photos on your own is 48 hours.
  • We do not ever provide RAW images and video files as it goes against the model agency usage rights (which is eCommerce only) so all media we provide is web sized and optimised.

Editing process;

  • For pieces less than 50, for more than 50 please consult with us directly
  • Catalogue shoot : 1-2 days
  • Exclusive shoot : 2-5 days
  • Video : 3-5 days

Editing approval;

  • We will send you sample image as proof, this includes size, tone, and crop. When you approve this we then process and edit bulk images
  • If we do not receive any confirmation within that day, we will proceed with our standard editing as per your booking form.

Product return;

  • Via courier : Once all images and video is complete we will arrange courier return of samples.
  • Delivery fee will be added to your final invoice.


  • We will send you a Pro-forma invoice upfront and then final invoice for remaining balance and delivery fee.
  • This will need to be settled in full before images are sent and samples are returned

Link to Google Drive;

  • Link to your file will be given after payment is made. Please download all your file as we do not provide storage long term.


  • Revision will only be done for 1 photo, additional revision will be charge $3 per photo.
  • Image Revision will be replaced in the same folder that was given.
  • If you do not choose your own pictures, and wish to change to other photos after you receive them, it will counted as additional photos which is $3 per photo