Frequently Asked Questions

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Fundamentally there are a half dozen selected criteria on all fashion eCommerce shoots (backdrop, hair, make up, model, styling, retouching, etc). What we have done is broken these elements down and then simplified them into a step by step eCommerce check-out solution. Check out here How it Works.

Nice to meet you! We’re an international company based in Singapore founded by a French, American and South African fashion eCommerce and media production entrepreneurs. Click here to read Our Story.

Of course! If you’re an existing customer, we offer phone, chat, and email support. Log in to your account to contact support. If you’re new, first off: awesome! You can contact us any time, try the chat popup on the bottom right of your screen.

Yes we do shoot location based work with our sister company Balishoot, you can select from any kind of location and we have some of the world’s best freelance photographers – just let us know and we will contact you directly and discuss this so we can quote you for this specifically.

We have new locations planned in the UK and USA for multi location studio and models. However this has no effect on your shoot or our service to you, we are 100% global and we handle everything it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. 

We collect no personal information (other than cookies) unless you choose to provide it. We do not give or sell personal information to others and our servers are https secured and all transactions and personal information transmitted is 100% secure. Our business is in full compliance with payment providers as all our online transactions that require sensitive data such as credit card numbers are processed and held by a 3rd party, eg PayPal.

Our goal is to continue to build to be the world’s best 100% turn-key eCommerce fashion media agency. We will soon be setting up a video catalogue, 360 degree shoot option which can be produced together with your stills. We will also be setting up an outdoor location and campaign type shoots with the world’s top photographers and videographers where you can select from any location type (Villa, beach, city , jungle, etc) so you can produce both campaign and eCommerce at the same time.

We are both, we employ our own models and also use top model agencies so you have the best models available to shoot. We are an eCommerce website platform that books models, transports your samples, and then shoots your fashion collection based on what samples you are needing shot and how you would like it to look.

We carefully pre-approve all of our models to ensure they have professional modelling experience specific to eCommerce. All of the models on our platform are well-established and have diverse experience. 

You are required to select 3 models when you Create Your Shoot just incase the first model is not available to shoot. This rarely happens but there can be illness, injury or unexpected travel. Your 2nd and rd selected model we place options on for shoot day just incase your 1st option is not available. Click here to read more about How it Works.

Currently we do not have a kids board, however this is something we are looking at developing. Watch this space and sign up to our newsletter to get some promos, discounts and latest news.

We have a team of photographers that specialise in eCommerce photography. Your photographer will be scheduled based on when we receive your samples and they get booked into our service schedule. 

Yes, every single photoshoot we produce has a professional makeup artist and hair stylist on set for the full duration of the shoot. Click here to read about we do the shoot Styling

We try to keep as close to the reference you selected as possible, but as models are different, they need to be styled differently and so their look will be based on the styling reference you select during check out but it is not possible to replicate the look identically. Click here to see more details on How It Works 

If you would like something different to the 3 reference style (Natural, Lightly Styled and Formal) then please select ‘Special Request’. We will then know to contact you directly and discuss what we are looking for so that our team can get the exact look reference you are wanting. 

This is not a problem, our stylist will set up a conference call with you and will go over the brief with you in detail. Any references, details or moodboards will really help.

Unfortunately, no sit ins allowed in person, however you can attend the shoots virtually as we live stream our studio and also provide you with a direct link to view the images as they are being shot in real time. Read more about our Live Streaming service.

You will see that in step 6 of Create Your Shoot there is a page called ‘Image Specs’ this is the section where you enter how many images per sample style you would like produced. This can be 3, 4 or 5 images per sample. You can read about how we edit images in Retouching.

We have a set per product shot price. For some more details on how the Pricing works and the shoots are costed.

No, courier and shipping is rebilled to you if we pay for and arrange the courier charges on our account.  If you send the items to our studio on your courier account we will obviously not recharge these costs on your final invoice

We do not. However, we take all forms of credit cards and regular payments can be arranged via your card provider.

You may cancel jobs booked as per our Model and image Release Agreement.

If a Client cancels a purchase:

  • 48 hours after the Client’s samples have been collected by our nominated courier, the Client will pay full price of the booking purchased.
  • If cancellation occurs within 48 hours after samples have been collected by our nominated courier, the Client will be refunded 50% of the price as a fee (“Cancellation fee”), which will be paid to the Model and courier company compensation and transportation costs.
  • If a Client cancels before samples are collected then the Client will be refunded in full minus any transfer / merchanting charges that might apply. 

You will be charged as per the photoshoot amount upfront on a proforma invoice. Courier charges will be added to your final invoice together with any extras you might have added. You can pay via all major Visa and Mastercards, PayPal and via Bank Transfer.

If your payment did not process please check that you have entered the exact address listed with your bank or credit card provider (this includes the secure code on the reverse of the card and zip or post code).  Or simply select the ‘Pay later’ and we can do payment manually over email. payment – Visa and Mastercard, PayPal and via Bank and wire Transfer and bank transfer.

From time to time we offer discounts and special promotions. Best thing to do is to sign up to our newsletter (sign up in the website footer below) so you get all offers and promotions as soon as we release them.

We charge per product shot, not how many images. Standard image is 4 per product, and then if you would like more we charge per image extra.

Yes we can do this, best is to contact us via email, contact form or call us and we will help you as fast as we can. We will need to change the date of the model booking also, which is possible however sometimes it causes the model you choose to not be available so we would need to discuss options with you.

All your samples are securely tracked by DHL courier when being delivered to our studio and then returned to you. When the samples are at our studio they are kept in a locked safe room with CCTV security.

Yes, we will steam, hang and rail all your samples in a secured lock room ready for shoot day. So all sample garments will be prepared and ready to shoot the following day.

A detailed list of model sizes and specifications are provided for each model when you Create A Shoot. Majority of models are standard western model size and will need their samples to fit accordingly.

We need to know some specific details about your garment samples so we can arrange to get them collected from you with our courier and we know exactly what it is we are receiving from you. Easiest way to get this information to us is to download our headertemplate.csv so you can simply copy and paste the details we need into the rows. Then you can just save the file and drag and drop it to upload it back to us. You can also add the garment details manually line by line. You can Read more here about the Sample Details.

We need to know some details about your garment samples so we can arrange to get them collected and so also we know exactly what we are receiving so we can plan the shoot in detail per garment style. Click here for a Detailed Guide

After we do your photoshoot we will pack up your samples neatly the following day and arrange with our courier to collect and get them sent back to you, this will take a few days for you to get them back, and you can track the courier all along the way from your account.

All our shoots have courier costs added to the final invoice if the courier is arranged and paid for on our account. We rebill to you exact courier fees and taxes for delivery, duty payments and then also return.

We provide you with 4 images as standard. But you can take more for an additional charge per product. We take Front, side, ¾ angle, behind as standard. We shoot up to 15 – 30 images per product and as standard we make the selections. 

Yes they are ready to use as soon as you get them, resized, renamed, retouched and colour corrected as to your exact specifications and format for your eCommerce website. Note all the images we produce are web-ready jpg and not large format. Read more about Retouching 

No, we deliver web-ready images only. These are images 2×3 or 4×3 at 150dpi that are best practise for eCommerce websites. We do not provide RAW or open files.  

Yes we do basic model and apparel Retouching as a standard service that is included. For jewellery and beauty shots there can be additional charge.

As per our Client Terms and Conditions and Model and Image Rights Agreement, you own the right to your images as per the Terms and Usage rights for life unless otherwise stated. Usage is for online use only. The images are royalty-free to use. You can use them in your online website, social media, online publications, catalogues and allow to your distributors use them. However, StudioDrop retains the copyrights for delivered photos and the photographs may not be re-sold to any third party without prior permission.

When you purchase a shoot on this website you need to agree to the Model and Image Rights Agreement. These rights explain how to and for how long you can use the images / video we shoot and provide for you. This is an agreement drafted to protect the rights of both the model and the client.

Summary of standard usage rights: 

  • The images and/or video of apparel product worn by a model can be used online on the principal domain and brand provided when signing up and creating an account.
  • This can include posting onto various social media platforms owned or operated by said organisation. 
  • Printed booklet, print paper catalogue or brochure or other small print media is also permitted. However this can not be published by any media. Small or large format publishing is not permitted, If you are needing these rights please do contact us and we can update your agreement to include this right. However please note that further charges are usually applied. 

Length of Use: Perpetuity / life

Territory: Worldwide for online digital.

Our usage does not include billboards or any other form of outdoor advertising. If you would like these rights, please do contact us and we can help you directly.

As a guideline we like to shoot within 7 days of collecting your samples, then after we have produced the shoot we like to provide 10-30 images per sample style to you for selection within 48 hours, and then images go for Retouching which takes another 48 hours.

We strongly recommend you Live Stream the shoot so you can provide comment in real time, if this isnt possible we always undertake to produce the shoot as specified, if there are any specific issues that are out of scope we will inform you and do everything we can to resolve the issue.

We endeavour for a  “100% satisfaction guarantee” for all our shoots. If you don’t love your images, just contact us. Our customer service or art director will contact you to get your perspective for the re-shoot or retouching.

We are open to any medium as per your convenience and preference, be it Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, wetransfer, sendspace etc.


Yes we provide images as per how you require them. This includes the type or format of the image and the resolution you need. We can also provide your images in TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and Raw Image Files

As soon as we have finished the shoot we format, rename the image as per the sample name, and then we send them to you via a download link. You then do final image selections and then it goes for Image Retouching.

We have a team of expert retouchers who specialise only in Model fashion eCommerce. They follow strict guidelines and 3 checking protocols to ensure the process is seamless and very fast. Click here to see exactly how we do our Retouching  

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