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We understand you are very over editing and retouching eCommerce images. Wouldn’t it be great if you could escape the editing black hole you are lost in?

Think about this for a moment, getting your life back to what you do best and that’s being more creative in your studio, designing, graphics, setting up campaigns, cutting patterns or any of the million other things on your to-do list. 

StudioDrop provides a bulk professional photo editing and retouching service designed and optimised as part of our full end-to-end service delivery. Just select what you need, it’s easy, just test us out…

Model retouching specifics:

Expert retouching is the ultimate in apparel photography when done correctly. With our service you will receive a range of options essential for successful apparel eCommerce – including advanced retouch for garment and skin, colour correcting, sizing and format selection.

retouching model before 2a retouching model after 2b

Rather focus on making your fashion brand grow faster, get all your photoshoots fully produced in one place with just a few clicks. Its easy, just select your model, choose how you would like to style them, then we collect your samples by courier, shoot them and return. Images delivered within 48hours. To learn more click here.

1. Clean up spots, scars.
2. Remove bruises.
3. Remove marks and stretch marks.
4. Remove wrinkles, mostly on face and neck.
5. Remove goosebumps, make skin relaxed and natural looking.
6. Reduce eyebags to be natural looking
7. Reduce visibility of veins.
8. Soften rough skin at elbow and knee.
9. Remove stray, flyaway and frizzy hair.
10. Even out tone of all visible skin using face as reference.
11. Fix skin tone on areas of the body which are noticeably different to the rest. (red hands, tanned arms compared to legs etc.)
12. Soften and smooth skin.
13. Remove most prominent moles.
14. Remove freckles.
15. Reduce fat excess on underwear / bikini model.

Garment retouching specifics:

Garment retouching is specific for the clothing the model is wearing (your apparel samples). This retouch cleans up imperfections and irregularities on the surface, reducing creases and folds, and smoothing outlines for a clean, consistent and natural looking result. Even though we do steam, iron and prepare your clothing samples prior to shooting, imperfections happen easily and need to be corrected.

retouching model before 3a retouching model after 3b

1. All dust, pins, scratches, fingerprints, fluff, loose threads and cracks will be removed
2. Creases from packaging and general wrinkles will be removed.
3. Unattractive creases and folds caused by styling issues will be removed.
4. Natural creases and folds will be reduced.
5. Details previously obscured by props (hangers, wire, hands etc.) will be recreated.
6. Visible imprints caused by undergarments, nipples, pockets etc. will be removed.
7. Edges will be made smooth, eliminating small bumps while retaining the garment’s natural drape.

Background retouching specifics:

Removes imperfections, irregularities, dust, and dirt from your backdrop. Leaving the original shadow untouched and exactly as shot. Although our studio is spotless and the accessories are all unworn marks and scuffs easily happen. Retouching of background is essential for a successful and beautiful looking shoot.

1. General clean up removes footprints, blemishes and marks on the floor and backdrop will be removed
2. Any transition between floor and backdrop will be softened
3. Background will be extended if necessary to meet dimension requirements

At StudioDrop we have access to more than 150 full time creative graphic designer professionals specialised in eCommerce image editing services. With decades of experience in image editing our retouching service strives to always retain the natural feel of the shoot, and only apply the minimum amount of model retouching to maintain authenticity and consistency. 

Let A.I. modernise your workflow:

Produce higher quality photos, faster, and at a greater volume than ever before. Let StudioDrop revolutionise your pre-production, production and post production by blending artificial intelligence and specialist image editors in a seamless, consistent, continually improving flow.

As part of our service and as a standard all our images delivered to you comply with all requirements needed to sell or supply the following retailers –  


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