To plan your shoot exactly how you want it, we need some garment samples details from you – you can either upload these details to us via .csv drag and drop, or you can enter the sample data 1 sample line at a time. Click here for more information on How It Works, or just click below and create your shoot to see just how easy it is to build the perfect fashion shoot for all your eCommerce and catalogue images.

SKU – The ‘Stock Keeping Unit’. This is a unique number that usually identifies the specific garment style or pattern usually with the colour and or size of the garment (for example 1-123-45-XS). If you don’t use a SKU for your products you can leave this field blank but then each sample needs to be identified by a unique name.

NAME – This is the garment name? Some fashion brands call their garment styles by a name or style references. For Example: Jackie Dress, or Frilly Crop Top. We don’t mind how you name your samples, but we have to be able to identify which style is which. It is very important that your samples are labelled with either a swinger ticket or on the garment bag or we won’t know which sample is which when we receive them at our studio.

FABRIC COMPOSITION – This is the exact fabric composition of your garment? For example it could be – 100% polyester or 90% Elastine / 10% Viscose. The fabric compositions are usually supplied by factory and are displayed on the wash and care label sewn into the garment. The care labels don’t have to be on the samples you send us, but we do need to know the fabric composition in the linesheet information you send us. 

COLOR – What color is the garment? If it’s multicoloured, use the predominant colour or the style of colour, eg; Blue and Green flower print. Otherwise if it’s a solid colour Red, Black, Blue, Green, etc will do perfectly.

GARMENT TYPE – What is the type of garment? So it would be a T-shirt, or a blouse, or a pair of shorts or a dress. Just the main category type of garment. You don’t need to go into too much detail with this.

MADE IN – What is the country of origin? What country was the garment manufactured in exactly. Eg: Made in China. Made in Italy

COMMENT – If you would like to give us any more details or comments about this garment you can fill in a comment to us here.This could be a styling comment, or a garment comment, eg: ‘Please roll up the sleeves’ or ‘This must be shot with a brown belt’ or ‘Don’t wear shoes with these shorts’ – The more information we have, the more detailed we can plan and execute the shoot.