At StudioDrop we have implemented various protocols and procedures in order to ensure the safety of all cast and crew in our photographic studios. In the infographic below, you will see all the measures we follow to ensure no one is put at risk and we help stop the spread of Covid-19. Please share this or if you need any more details please let us know.


blog cov camera icon

Remote management

blog cov camera files

Always follow government health
and public regulations and restriction

blog cov camera mask

Unwell crew are not permitted
to attend the shoot

  1. Remote management of pre-production – We have detailed pre-shoot meetings with all of the production crew and management to ensure all creative and technical is planned and executed out in detail.
  2. If needed we also have pre shoot meetings with our clients to discuss any extra requirements they might have or special requests.  
  3. We then live stream our shoots so you can see what is going on in real time, you can also get directly involved if you would like to and do image selections while the shoot is happening. Click here to read more about how we do this.
  4. All national and local government health and public regulations and restrictions we adhered to as primary rule. This includes things like general movement restrictions, stay at home orders and social distancing regulations.
  5. All shoot crew and anyone else who might be attending a shoot, including Talent / Model, must provide to the us A non-disclosure agreement outlining their travel throughout the previous four-week period prior to the shoot date. A Health Declaration outlining any contact with someone who has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19. Full disclosure if travelled to high risk countries or have been in contact with an individual with COVID-19 during that four-week period.

If these requirements can not be provided and / or any part of our crew or team feel unwell on shoot day, they are not permitted to attend  the shoot.


blog cov camera medical

Health-care manager
on set at all times

blog cov camera temperature

Anyone with a high temperature
will not be able to work on set

blog cov camera mask 2

All crew and anyone on set are to wear medical grade face masks

  1. Our live stream system is utilised to limit the numbers on set to essential crew only. We restrict both clients and non essential studio crew to use our live streaming service only.
  2. A trained health-care manager on set at all times focussed on minimising any possible viral transmission and ensuring guidelines are followed.
  3. All shoot attendees and crew must have their temperature taken before being allowed admission onto set and then again after lunch. Anyone with a high temperature will be sent home to rest and will not be able to work on set.
  4. Anyone on set who feels unwell during the course of the day must report to the trained health-care manager. They will be checked and sent home to rest or to the Doctor.
  5. Social distancing guidelines are to be 6 foot separation at all times where possible No hugging, touching or handshakes allowed.
  6. All crew and anyone on set are to wear medical grade face masks such as the N95 mask for the entire duration of the shoots – we will provide these.
  7. Make-up artists, hair stylists, wardrobe managers must wear eye protection and N95 masks due to close proximity to Model / Talent.
  8. Catering departments are to use specifically designed no-touch-needed refreshment stands to avoid contact with frequently used facilities and other frequently touched points.
  9. Water bottles must be labelled for each crew member to avoid cross contamination and only one bottle used by each shoot attendee throughout the course of the shoot.
  10. Camera and photographer is to be two metres away from talent at all times.
  11. Studio zoning is set up so people stay in their zones to avoid movement and possible contamination of the entire set.


blog cov camera wash hand

Hand washing frequently

blog cov camera clean 1

Cleaning must be done
throughout the shoot day

blog cov camera sanitizer

Key crew must have
'pocket' hand sanitisers

  1. Hand washing and antibacterial solutions to be placed on set and used throughout the shoot by all crew at regular intervals
  2. Each shoot studio is to have undergone a ‘deep clean’ before and after each shoot.
  3. Cleaning must be done throughout the shoot day especially in common areas such as wardrobe and make-up rooms.
  4. Bathrooms must be frequently cleaned throughout the course of the shoot.
  5. Make-up department to adhere to cleaning protocols and use single use brushes and applicators. All other equipment must undergo deep cleaning prior and post any shoot.
  6. Hair extensions must undergo deep cleaning before and after any application.
  7. Catering departments must adhere to safety hygiene practices. Both of food and service surfaces, utensils, etc
  8. Key crew such as camera operator and digital assistant must have ‘pocket’ hand sanitisers to be applied frequently.
  9. All wardrobe apparel and accessories must be certified to have undergone deep cleaning before and after shoots.
  10. Waste management removal team must be carried out frequently, throughout the shoot.
  11. These guidance messages should be posted in studio bathrooms, make-up room, wardrobe and on set a must be fully visible.

Whilst the above guidelines attempt to be fully comprehensive, we acknowledge good guidance and common sense must be applied and utilise other sources of advice on this such as the World Health Organisation website.