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    Select your Model

    You can select up to 3 models below. We will book and shoot your number 1 selected model. Your 2nd and 3rd model selection are the models we will place options on as backup. It very rarely happens they are not available but if it does we will contact you directly and discuss the options available.

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    Select Model Makeup

    Our Make-Up Artists will use the reference look below to style your selected model. You can choose from 3 main styles of makeup - Light and natural, a more styled natural or a formal dressed up look. We also have a special request option, if you select this we will contact you for details. Click here for more information on our styling.

    Select Model Hair Style

    Our Hair Stylists will style your selected model's hair as the reference you select below. Chose from the 3 main hair styles options. We also have a special request option - select this option and we will contact you directly for a brief and reference.

    Shoot Type

    The Shoot type is the main modelling style and approach the model will use while posing and being photographed. Static is a more still and stationary pose style, commercial has a lighter, happier and more natural feeling whereas a posed style is for a more fashionable, trend-driven look.

    Select Shoot Background

    The background or the backdrop is the colour background setting you would like for your shoot feel and mood. We have narrowed down the selection into the 6 most effective colours that optimise garment sales. If you would like to read more about why backdrop colours are so important click here.

    Select Shoot Accessories

    We have a team of world class stylists eager to bring your fashion collection to life. Our large range of accessories includes, shoes, bags, hats, sunglasses, jewellery and an assortment of basic clothing items that you can select from. Our stylist will then combine your apparel with the selected accessories in the most on trend and stylish way possible. Select 'Special Request Item' if you need us to source you something not listed. Read more about our stylists.

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    Upload Your Sample SKU Details

    We need to know some specific details about your garment samples so our couriers can collect and deliver them back to you without any delays. We also need to prepare a shot list and to do this we need your sample linesheet. You can either download the linesheet template as a .csv and then populate it (copy and paste) and then re-import it back to us. Or you can enter the product info line by line. We would recommend you ‘download to check’ once completed to check if your sample data is all correct. Read more about sample details.

    • Option 1: Import Your Product Linesheet

      Download this CSV product linesheet template. Fill it in and then drop or import it below:

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      Accepted file types: csv.
      • Option 2: Manually Add Your Product Linesheet
      • Download and Check
      Sample Weight and Confirmation

      For the final step you are going to need to get out your weight scale. For us to book our courier to collect the samples from you we need to know the exact combined weight of all your samples. Once you have confirmed and placed your order we will send you packaging, tracking barcodes, packing list and other documents needed by our courier to accompany your samples. Click here for more specific information.

      • flatpacked shirts

        All your samples need to be flat-packed and folded flat, no garment hangers or hanging garment bags are allowed due to courier carton space and volume constraints.

      • flatpacked shirts

        Your samples also need to be individually labelled with the Style Name / SKU that then matches up with the linesheet that you uploaded on the previous step. We need this information so we know which sample is which - The label can either be on the garment with a swingticket or on the garment bag.

      Image Type and Specification

      Please let us know what image size ratio you would like us to edit your images to. If you are not sure we recommend a portrait ratio of 2:3. If you need something specific please select 'Special Request'. Please also select what format of file you need and if you need image retouching (we highly recommend). Click here for more information on our image retouching services.

      • Below are image specifications.
      • How many image angles do you need per garment? If you need over 5 crops can be created.
      • Below are retouching options essential for successful apparel eCommerce – including retouch of garment, model and backdrop. Click here for info on retouching.
      • Product video is essential to improve conversion rate and brand awareness. Perfect for social media and website product pages.
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